How pants relate to nine year old code

Rediscovered a heap of Java code I wrote 9 years ago the other day. Good grief - the passage of time is really apparent when you go surfing through code you haven't seen for such a long time...

One of the little things I found distracting while surfing through the code was due to a language other than Java... I see that back then, I was still spelling in British English - dialogue instead of dialog, initialise instead of initialize. For example: AgentConfigDialogue.java .

British English spellings for many words look strangely wrong to me now when I see them. I got into the habit of spelling things the American way years before I came to live here, mainly because the coding I do at work requires me to use American English.

I suppose my roots are still there, since I do still seem to trip up people in the USA with occasional random Britishness (like saying I'll meet someone at "half two"). And I never probably will get comfortable with the "restroom" or the "washroom". Or with "pants" for that matter :)

This is a "pre-recorded" blog entry. More JavaOne stuff soon...

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