It's only polite to turn up for your BOF...

Just taking 5 minutes from wandering around at the JavaOne conference. Pulled myself out of the (very cool) battle bot arena in the afterdark party to go see Fabiano Cruz and Marcelo Mayworm talk about creating an OSGi based framework for Swing applications (BOF-3487). I was particularly interested in this BOF, because we've been thinking about OSGi in my group at work, and we're developing a very large and modular Swing application.

Unfortunately, the speakers didn't turn up. Barring major catastrophe, that's just terribly rude. Speakers get a full free pass for the conference, and the least they can do in return is actually show up for their own sessions. Tsk ;) Needless to say, that was the only session evaluation I've filled out so far that's had many marks to the right of the center divide...

More blogging on the conference to come... (I know... I've been remiss in blogging while here. I always forget how hectic things are. But I've got a bunch of stuff "buffered up"). Planning to grab a bite to eat and then go see my good friends (and collegues) Alex Ruiz and Yvonne Price talk about their cool testing framework, FEST at BOF-3478.

Update: Turns out this was an administrative error at JavaOne. The session had been canceled by the speakers, but the conference organizers forgot to remove it from the schedule. Ah well... all is forgiven ;)

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