Google Code Project Hosting Gets Upgrades

The folks over at Google Code have been doing some sterling work in the last few weeks fixing various issues with its project hosting support. Here are some of my favorite fixes:

Issue 250: Issue summaries are unnecessary abbreviated. In the issue list, the summaries would be truncated arbitrarily. This was pesky on a large display, since there was plenty of space to see the whole summary.

Issue 138: projectname.googlecode.com should redirect to project page. So now you can go to jd-ant.googlecode.com as well as code.google.com/p/jd-ant.

Issue 306: IssueTracker: Provide a means of displaying more than 25 issues at a time. Now you see 100 issues at a time, which makes for less paging about in large issue lists.

Glad to see these improvements. Google's project hosting is straightforward, fast, and very useful.

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