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On shortcuts

I made the Big Switch from Windows to Linux at work several years ago, and never really looked back. For whatever reason, our version control system and builds are always about twice as fast on Linux compared to Windows. I'm also much more comfortable in a UNIX-y shell / scripting environment than I am in Windows Command Prompt, probably because of hours spent in various computer labs at university when I really should have been doing something more fun (like drinking beer). As well as the raw productivity gain from the faster environment, I also customized my environment a great deal to minimize keypresses. For example, where most other people in my team might type something like this: cd $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf/modules/ide/src/oracle/ide ade co -nc cd `pwd` emacs cd $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf make release I type: m ide/src/oracle/ide co emacs jdevadf mrel Doesn't seem lik