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Noogler became n00b became Tweep!

Friday will be the 14th anniversary of my first tweet. Umm... it hasn't aged well. The Internet was stunned by the revelation that I was reading my email. Reading email and messing around with Eclipse 3.3M5. — Brian Duff (@brianduff) March 5, 2007 In more contemporary news, this week I joined Twitter as a Principal Engineer in Engineering Effectiveness. I'll try to build things that help engineers inside Twitter have a lovely, productive time creating the cool things that they make every day. Delighting developers is something that I've continued to be passionate about across Oracle, Google, and Facebook. I'm really excited to make the jump from being a long time user of Twitter to being part of the Twitter team. It's pretty cool that I get to continue to work on stuff that I enjoy so much. Onboarding remotely is a... weird... experience, but so far I'm having a whale of a time (geddit? gurgle). I do leave Facebook with a great amount of sadness and